september adventures

One of the strangest things about moving to North America is learning just how much I really like diners. There's a really vivid and warm atmosphere you get there that's so charming, maybe I'm doing a little too much doe-eyed enthusiasm and mythologizing a world I didn't grow up with, but compared to say any breakfast café or pub in the UK - it's just nice to sit in such a chill place and get free coffee refills with your frankly obscene amount of breakfast food.

It's good food too! And a lot of it for the price, which might just be Egg Sunrise being notably good value in the space but it's the first diner I ever went to and subsequently imprinted on like a girl with a personality disorder who just met the first kind person post-childhood trauma.

Making a Monday ritual out of just chilling in the diner and becoming regulars to a point where the waitress ribs me for always getting the same stuff is cute, it's nice. It's a great place to workshop game design with my girlfriend and eavesdropping on the plethora of other trans girls you see yelling about wrestling or boardgames a table or two away with alarming consistency. You know there's like 30,000 dolls in Toronto? The place is basically tranny Mecca.

One day I should actually try their burgers. Anyway go to diners with pretty women, it's a great time!!